Saturday, September 20, 2014

Five on...well, I'm late

Forgive me for being behind. I have pledged to never again take a vacation that begins on Wednesday and ends on Tuesday. I have no idea where I am in the week!

1. Farm Houses
The house in which we stayed in WI was really and truly a farm house (BTW I fully endorse renting a house instead of a hotel room if you have a family of 5 or more). They had the history written in the welcome booklet - it goes back to the 1800's. I love that kind of place. Solid. You can just feel the years of families that lived there. Hard-working, honest people. The whole experience was beautiful and amazing. What a treat for us city-folk!
Eating cornflakes by a cornfield ;0)

 HUGE bedrooms! NO TVs!

Farm-themed play room

 amazing vistas

 So much space to run and play.
2. Simple Soccer
Let me gush for a moment about Little Kickers. This is an amazing concept. 8 weeks, one-hour each Saturday. Soccer for...get this...FUN! I promise you, the head coach wrote in an email, "it's no big deal, these kids aren't professional soccer players." What, now? No interrupted dinner time? No travel league? Sign me up.
3. Remembering
My dad would have turned 84 next week. It seems like he's been gone so long now. Still, it was heartwarming to take my mom and a few of the kids to the gravesite today to change out the plants for Fall. Kind of like we used to do with Bub when our grandfather was the only person with two dates listed on the stone.

love the gloves ;0)
4. Celebrating
My Aunt's birthday was yesterday. We are so blessed to have her with us and close enough to celebrate (dance last time to party). It means so much that we can have her and my mom around often to interact with the kids. I was just talking to a friend who spoke about all the wonderful times with his grandparents. I hope our kids feel that way someday too.

5. Rest
There is nothing like ending a fun-filled day by putting on jammies and settling down in front of a good Pooh flick. Tonight was the original and I'm so pleased that our kids, even the old ones, still belly laugh at that silly-old-bear. I pray this childhood innocence will last as long as possible.
We are so blessed. Have an excellent beginning to your week - Happy Sunday!

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