Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I had a post on judgment and I had to take it down because I realized it's just being way too misconstrued. I've been reading a few blogs in the meantime and it's pretty much reinforced my original thoughts on the matter:

- People will call you judgmental if you don't agree with their personal opinion on how to eat/school your children/where you worship/etc.

- If you don't have an opinion (i.e. support their opinion or decry their opinion) you will be labeled "uninformed" and immediately made the subject of their conversion...even if you really, truly don't give a patoot about what they're addressing.

I don't have any answers. I'm just thinking about life these days. Why was it easier 100 years ago?

My friend and I were chatting while driving to the grocery store the other day (yes, it's sad but I've reached that level of multitasking). We were talking about Paradise/The Garden of Eden. We decided that Paradise was pretty simple. If you needed food, you went right outside to get it. The kids could run and play and be safe anywhere they went. People lived in harmony because all their needs (essential needs, not needs for 100 cable channels) were met.

Yep. We are definitely out of Eden.  Still blessed, though.

Back to packing.

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  1. Very true about how people assume judgement everywhere. And It makes it hard for me to write anything on my blog. I get the best responses and feedback when I write about something I actually have an opinion on, but I also have to brace myself for potential backlash. I think there's a lot to be learned from people who have different ideas on something than you do, but that all goes out the window if they get all angry at presumed "judgement" from you.