Wednesday, November 6, 2013


so, today was kind of a "fail" type of day. Not that I am less-than-thankful for the gift of my life and those of my friends and family. Still, the past few hours+ have left me feeling a little Job-like.

1. My foot. If you're around much you've noticed that I've been sporting a large metal contraption on my foot. After the MRI (which, I've discovered, is my version of hell...endless hours of MRIs) it's evident that I have fluid and a torn tendon. Treatment? Surgery followed by "no weight on the foot for four weeks followed by two weeks in a cast and physical therapy." Uh. Have you seen my house (three flights of stairs) and my family (5 kids under 9 years). Not happening in the next 5 years or so. So, as my daughter is want to remind me, "offer it up".

2. My friend and her baby - OK. I admit this should have been first because my foot, comparably, is a silly, trivial point. My friend had her baby in September about 4 weeks early with a knot in his cord. After a month in the hospital he was released to mama and her milk and warm arms. This morning he was sent back to the ER with a 91.7 degree temp (yes, that's right, I guess little people go low when they have bad infections). Needless to say they need prayers - LOTS OF PRAYERS. Storm Heaven for little Andrew if you would...and their entire family (if I haven't mentioned, he's the youngest of 6 kids in the family).

3. Kid's Cooking at Market District. OK, I signed up because it was free. I should have known that you get what you pay for. Still, it was 10 minutes of fun with a pumpkin muffin and apples for the afternoon snack. Would I do it again? Probably not. Still, there were shining moments. Like walking into the store with my five little people:

Older man: Are they all yours?
Me: Yep

OM: looking incredulous
Me: Same dad 10 years :0)
OM: God bless you!

Me: He has! Five times! (yes, it's more than five but it's too much to explain in passing I think).

I love those interactions. I love showing my kids how much I love their dad and how much I love my big family and how NORMAL it all is!

Back to cooking:

Pre-cooking at the lobster tank. Actually very entertaining for little boy during cooking!

Making our turkey muffins

grumpy girl who is too old to make muffins ;0)
4. After the 10 minute turkey making we went to the deli and got FIVE free pieces of cheese (score! sometimes it's beneficial to be a walking freak show). We then picked up our pizzas for dinner and went to pay in the café. Of course, there is beer there so I can't resist. I look for anything dark and promising. I find this in the cold case
Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout
Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout. EPIC FAIL. Remember the Martin Mull Guinness commercial? "what did you do, burn it?" Exactly. Stay far away. Not sure what they consider "chocolate" but since I currently have 10+ pounds of it in my house due to the recent holiday, I disagree. Completely.
My day wasn't all bad, though. #s 3, 4&5 completed another mom's day out allowing me to take #s 1&2 to Mass to pray for baby Andrew. We had another wonderful day as a family. We are blessed indeed. 


  1. I LOVE your response to the man's "God Bless you" - I have to remember that one.

    Also, I think Stella might have the exact same dalmatian spot top as your #1. Does it have a hood on the back? :-)

    I think most "chocolate" beers taste pretty bad, and I think it's funny that finding a bad beer gets on your fail list. But it sounds like one of those days where a tasty beer could have helped give you some cheer, so sorry it didn't work out!

    1. I know...lame. Still I want to warn all those dark fans out there. ; 0)

      yes..hood with ears!