Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Funny Guide to NFP

This was originally titled "Life, Death and NFP" but I realized I had more to say about this book so I'll just tackle the other two at a later date.

Sorry it's a little late...it was in my drafts box and I forgot :0(

October 14th was NFP awareness day in the Diocese of Pittsburgh. This is a day to "(re-?)acquaint" Catholic people with NFP, the "alternative to artificial contraception". (BTW, this quote is from The Pittsburgh Catholic) I don't know about you but something about that is odd to me. Does that mean that NFP is "natural" contraception? Hmmm. I don't really think that's where they're going with this. I think the media person needs to find a new job.

Since we had no such "awareness" happen at our parish (not going on a rant, promise) I felt like I had to go out and find something to increase my awareness. This is a lie, of course, I'm as aware as I care to be. We don't practice NFP...never really found a good enough reason...still, I like to see what's out there to help people I meet that might be struggling with the Church teaching. Baptism class is always a great opportunity to promote.

What I found was The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning by Simcha Fisher. It gets a 5-star rating on Amazon over 93 reviews and I agree completely. This is one eye-opening, straight-talking, clear-thinking book about all things NFP and much, much more. Of course, Simcha is my girl. I just love the way she writes. Her humor is my humor.

Yes, I agree, it's sort of an odd title (like natural contraception) but it is sooo worth a read. It even comes on Kindle. Yeah! So, without giving all the good stuff away, here are the two top things she addresses with regard to NFP (oh and if you want a "how to do NFP" guide" this isn't it)
1. Don't Judge - Wow! What a concept. Yet, the way she brings it out is just awesome. NFP is full of people who are judging others or being judged themselves. NFP is a decision that you come to with your spouse and God and that is your business. Just like it is for everyone else. So, as my brother-in-law is fond of saying, "just worry about yourself".

2. Fall in love with your husband - In the book, she talks about the difficulty that comes with saying "no" to your body and to your husband at a time when, physiologically, you want to be saying "yes" (if, that is, you are using NFP to avoid a pregnancy). I can imagine that this is a truly painful and sanctifying time. That's why it's great that she goes into such depth about things you and your husband can do that show love without the marital embrace (and I'm not just talking about the bedroom). If you're waiting on the next baby, use the time to strengthen your marriage. Again, what a concept!

So, I think you should pick it up. If you're Catholic, consider this an even stronger suggestion. It is a great way to look differently at how we use and respond to our fertility within the teachings of our church.

We are blessed!


  1. thanks for the review! I have that on my "wish list" of sorts. Love Simcha's humor as well.
    Do you have the actual copy or the kindle version. I'm currently kindle-less and waiting for a chance to get a new paperwhite.

  2. I need to get that, too- I've heard great things- not just here. We're in the same boat- not using NFP to avoid pregnancy, but I like to be aware of my body.

  3. I'm curious about the book because everyone is talking about it, and I generally like Simcha's writing.

    I see you are reading/have read These Beautiful Bones? That's another one I keep hearing about. I hope you write a review!