Friday, November 1, 2013

For all the Saints...

Yes, there was this during the week...

but let's get to the more important stuff!

1. Home School Saints Party

This is our second year and it's a not-to-be-missed event! If my kids were in school (especially a school who had an issue with kids dressing as a Saint for Halloween) I would sneak them in to this activity ;0). It's an awesome event. "Guess the Saint", Saints bingo, everything concentrating on the important part of late October/early November. Not a mummy, zombie or witch to be seen!
If you need a quick and easy refresher on how to approach Halloween with your Catholic kids, head over here.
2. All Saints Mass
We are early-risers so we always end up at 8 AM Mass for the Holy Days (also because DH has to get to work and can't wait around until 10). We have dressed in our Saints costumes for two years now and it's been awesome. People come up and talk to the kids about their Saint and tell them how happy they are to see the Saints here with them today. It can feel a bit awkward but, thankfully, it's our usual Mass and the people are used to our family doing things in a big Catholic way. This is our way of being in the world...we use every opportunity possible to witness to our faith. Hopefully when the kids are older we can walk up the main street to church in full costume. That would be awesome :0)
St. George (with his phone - lol), St. Francis of Assisi, St. Anne (not into the paparazzi),
St. Wenceslaus and St. Zita
3. Learning about the Saints
When we got home, today's lesson was on the Saints! Ha, I love that! So, for our history/art/reading, we learned about each kid's Name Saint, including their symbol (and why it's their symbol) and then colored a corresponding sheet to hang. I like the way it came out, including #1s - no template for those over 6 ;0)


All you holy men and women, Pray For Us! Wishing you all a blessed day.

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  1. Cute-- your costumes look great! The group photos with inside-out t-shirts and rope tied around the waists gave me hope about our own get-ups come Sunday's party ;^)