Sunday, November 3, 2013

Five Favorites - Family and Friends

Whew. Didn't I say now that soccer was over, we would be relaxing on the weekends? Well, it seems my plan has not caught up with the scheduler. Yesterday was All Souls so I guess there was a trip to the cemetery planned anyway. We added an additional cemetery to the tour (to visit the grave of the baby of a family we know and pray for all of our babies in Heaven) and a C-MITES afternoon.Today was loooong (maybe it's the extra hour) but very much fun with family and friends!

1. Picture People Groupon

My Christmas Cards are done! ;0) Well, OK, they are ordered. The photos are always the most trying exercise. A few weeks ago we had outdoor shots taken (also via Groupon!) but the family shots were only so-so. (I used the Groupon for a beautiful shot of just DH and commemorate our 10th anniversary). Today was Picture People and, as always, it's a slam dunk. Even little man cooperated enough to get some good shots. Here are a few outtakes (50% off the CD with the Groupon - score!).

2. Slovak Festival - Food

Today was the Slovak Festival at Pitt. This was our first year with all the kids but it was well worth the trip. First, of course, the food! Pierogi, haluski, kielbasa, stuffed cabbage and apricot cookies for dessert. Yum!

3. Slovak Festival - Dance

We were just in time to catch the PAS (Pittsburgh Area Slovaks) performing while we waited in line for our food. I'm thinking hard about switching the kids since they will teach them songs (in Slovak) and dance from age 2! We could take the whole family :0) For now, it was very fun to watch.

4. Slovak Festival - Friends

We were lucky to have some companions at the festival - a wonderful family that we are getting to know. Their boys are delightful and great cohorts for our older two. Mr. G is especially fond of their Mr.G. Our guy never fails to grin when he is around. What a blessing!
5. Slovak Festival - Crafts
I told you it was worth it ;0) We stopped to watch two women and their amazing skills. One was spinning yarn and the second was making lace. I have seen someone spin yarn before but the lace demonstration was incredible. She had 38 bobbins on her pillow and just went back and forth, weaving and moving pins. She said kids used to start at 4 making pin holes on the pattern and knew how to make lace by 5. Wow. That's pretty cool.

What a great day spent with friends and family learning about our heritage. We are blessed!


  1. I've only seen lace-making on tv, but it looks very impressive! I'd love to learn this almost-forgotten craft!

  2. Beautiful pictures and beautiful family!

  3. those pictures are awesome! Love the one of all of you! So beautiful!