Saturday, July 13, 2013

What a week!

To say the least, July has been busy, busy, busy around this household. This week was the busiest yet. So many are a few.

1. VBS - Vocation Bible School, that is!

Had to be the Holy Spirit again because I can assure you that, left to my own devices, I would NEVER have signed up to leave the house at 7:30 AM each day to drive 45 min (except for Wednesday, which was torrential downpour/thunder and lightening and so, more like an hour) and spend three + hours hanging out with other people's kids (I was working in the nursery. Cute as buttons, each and every one but, wow, what a three or four sets of twins at once!). Anyway, it was the Holy Spirit and, as always, I am so glad I listened.

#1 son learned all about the Spiritans in his class. How the Holy Spirit leads us, sometimes to places we would never imagine, and how we should listen closely and follow. A wonderful Spiritan father came to talk one of the days and told them all about his mission work. Perfect for little boys who love adventure!

#2 son was with the Fransicans and learned all about The Pope, St. Francis, and the creche (which was St. Francis's creation). He cried at breakfast this morning and said "I miss the Franciscans". How cute is he?

#1 daughter...well, you probably know her penchant for all things religious by now. She was in the Benedictines (yes, Benedict and Scholastica...her very favorite Saint siblings) and turned out to be the only girl in the group. This meant she was lucky enough to put on the mini-habit when they were discussing the different parts of the uniform. She met three amazing nuns and one postulant, all of whom promised to be pen pals with her this year. She was so blessed by the experience.

Some photos of the week:

Our rainbow of saints-in-training

some of my charges checking out nature

Thanks to my friend, Kellie,

for taking pictures of my sons!

Little Sister ;0)

He's a big fan of nuns himself.

After going through the week's crafts, we were blessed with a puppet show staring the Holy Spirit and Pope Francis
2. Birthday!

Every morning of the week, I was usually out the door before the two tiniest of our crew were even awake. It was hard - I missed them a lot! So, I was thankful that we had a chance to celebrate our newest three-year-old on Tuesday. Princesses were everywhere  - we do love our parties!

I do love Amazon Prime...they have everything and you can shop at 4 AM!

She was very pleased. I love the tiny expectations of tiny people.

Sister is becoming quite proficient at "Happy Birthday"

Yeah! Now we all have backpacks for our trip.
3. Prayer
Oh, yes, that's right. Four weeks and a few days and we'll be heading to another continent. Wow. That's really overwhelming when you think about it since, other than backpacks and passports, I've done precious little.
It's been clear from the beginning that Our Blessed Mother and the Holy Spirit have this trip in hand... I think the purpose/destination and the dates of travel (two Marian feast days) are a good indicator. So, instead of running around and getting stressed, my DH and I have decided to pray.
This morning, we started preparation for the Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary. We're doing a combination of Monfort and Gaitley (because, in my current mental state, I'm not sure I would get much out of straight-Monfort). I'm excited because we will make our consecration the day we leave. My stress is lower knowing that Our Lady will be close to us, constantly leading us to her Son. 

Have a blessed Sunday! Rest ;0)


  1. Wow - this looks like a much higher quality VBS than the ones I'm familiar with.

    1. It is, in my opinion. It was written about 5 years ago by 4 local Catholic mothers. Sly can start the Franciscans at age 4 - put it on your calendar ;0)