Friday, July 26, 2013

Perfect Day!

Today, on the feast of Sts. Joachim and Anne (the parents of Our Blessed Mother), I was blessed  with the perfect day to celebrate with my husband on our 10th wedding anniversary. Yes, ten. Wow! I'm impressed. I can't say I've had many relationships of any kind last that long. We have been through so much together and made it this far. I am so happy, looking back over the ten years, that we have done our best to always say "yes" even when it seems difficult. It feels so right to walk with God at the center of our marriage.

So, how did we celebrate ten years? Well, like most big events we started with 8 AM Mass. Today was especially great since the first reading was the same as the first reading at our actual wedding. I probably heard about as much today as I did ten years ago (although for different reasons).

Then we had the inaugural session of Armata Bianca in St. Bernard's Eucharistic Chapel. What a beautiful thing to do today, on the feast of Our Lady's parents. There were 7 adults and 19 little people all praying the rosary in front of the tabernacle. Beautiful. I just love it.

The rest of the day was cooking and cleaning.

A big Italian dinner (complete with three types of pasta) requires all five burners!

Fine china, baptism candle (it's also Blondie's baptism day) and kid wine
The kids worked hard on the chalk welcome out front...

It says "welcome Sister Dorothy" and has a picture of a nun and a convent (even though she doesn't live in a convent - LOL)

Sister Dorothy is a dear friend from college who we have been trying to get here for dinner and finally, it worked out! How blessed we are that it coincided with the anniversary and baptism day! What a coincidence! (you know I don't think so ;0) ) We had so much fun talking and laughing and, being one of 7, she gets the "big family" thing. I can't think of anything I'd rather do to celebrate my 10th year of life with my beloved. We are blessed!
We love Sister Dorothy!

Even those of us with bad attitudes ;0P

And, let's be frank, her dessert ROCKED! (those are TWINKIES!!!)


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