Friday, July 19, 2013

I'm here...

I'm just not feeling it right now so, rather than put down crummy stuff (like a rant) I will just be silent. Thanks for understanding ;0)

If it helps, all is well....bad thunderstorm (which means the third swim lesson cancellation!) and I could not be more at peace. Sometimes God immediately answers my prayer (I really didn't want to drag everyone to the pool today).

Oh, I know! I got to "play" a wedding photographer at the Cathedral today. It was a favor I was happy to do but I can safely say it's not even on the list of my callings. I almost missed half the shots because I was listening so intently to the Mass. Oops.

I don't have a big cool flash so some of the shots were dark like this :oP
It was nice though, being ten years and a week away from my nuptials, to attend and listen. It was extra special to have my #1 and #2 children with me to attend their first wedding. We are blessed.

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