Thursday, June 27, 2013


I've already mentioned the awesome pool that exists at the end of our street. This is a huge blessing to us because, even though it takes about 15 minutes (it's very steep on the way home!) we are able to walk to and from; enjoying the day and time together.

This year I finally got myself organized enough to enroll #s 1&2 in swim lessons at said pool. All-in-all, it's been a worthwhile endeavor. Unlike the more expensive private and semi-private lessons we've tried, the kids are all thrown in together in groups of similar ability.

This caused #2 no end of anxiety since it was a little beyond what he was used to doing. Still, I think the pressure has made him progress more than any amount of hand-holding has in the past.

Hey, they even get to go down the slide at the end. Who wouldn't go for that?

So, while none of them seem to be following mom's history of competing early (I was known to hold my own in the 8 & under butterfly ;0) ) that's OK. (The competition thing is starting to wear on me.) I'm just happy they're learning to keep themselves upright and, most importantly, having fun!


and more kicking...

floating? unheard of. he even flipped over!

sib love

no playground so they improvise

"super" D on the slide

and, the landing!

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