Friday, June 7, 2013

And...we're done!

Friday is the perfect time to clean out some things that have been hanging around for much too long...
I bought this a while ago to finish up the baby food jars. Amazingly enough, I had one jar and just enough cereal to mix it! (another sign). Yes, I am still using the pouches. I have a feeling they will be perfect for summer travel.

To celebrate, I pulled this out of the bottom of the freezer. Good thing I had the forethought to buy lime and tonic at GE this morning! So, here's to another baby who is done with cereal. Hooray! I so dislike that stuff.

Happy National Donut Day everyone. The kids are watching The Donut Man (perfect) on EWTN, the tuna casserole is in the oven and I'm going to sit quietly and celebrate.

Have a blessed weekend.


  1. Happy National Donut Day! (my son just reminded me) And a blessed First Friday & Sacred Heart of Jesus!
    Cheers! We keep ours in the bottom of the freezer, too! :o)

  2. I hate baby cereal too! We just skipped it with Stella. I let her gum on "adult" cereal/crackers/bread instead, to get in her grains.

    The Donut (Doughnut?) Man...I find that show pretty painfully cheesy. haha.

    1. Everyone else had it...I feel disloyal if the younger ones don't have their "cereal" phase ;0)

      Truly, I could live without DM but they think it's hysterical. Go figure. They spell it "Donut" and, yes, that troubles me.