Friday, June 14, 2013

Five on Friday

We've been taking full advantage of our early vacation and enjoying the weather...five ways we know it's Summer (even if the calendar hasn't caught up quite yet).

1. Pool!

This was Mr. G's first time out and he took to it wonderfully. Another similarity with his momma...loves the water!

everyone actually went in today

love the mushroom!
I adore this pool - so much like the one where I spent soooo many summers

tiny man on the move

2. Backyard fun!

Thanks, Uncle Dave. I have a feeling it will have great power as a bargaining tool!

I always think this water table is too small. They always make it work.
3. Travel!
We have successfully completed our first family vacation of the summer. We headed to Split Rock Resort in the Poconos to hang out while DH gave a talk. It was a bit like the place where Dirty Dancing was filmed. Not exactly a "fit" for us but there were some pleasant moments. On the way we stopped at Old Bedford Village (think Williamsburg in smaller form). We learned how shoes were made (beginning at the cow), how to punch tin and visited a general store. Very cool.
The reason it's called "Split Rock"

The walk back...

Typical era home - one room

General store

Leather making

Candle making

School house

Before the concept of self-esteem

The tin shop

4. St. Apollonia
Well, this one happens every season it seems. Thankfully St. Apollonia is well-stocked with quarters. She will have to be to get us through all the coming visits. Add a Divine Mercy holy card and that's a pretty good haul!
5. Artist in residence
#1 doesn't really consider herself an artist...not like #2. Yet, she is constantly doodling, labeling, making renderings of things. Unfortunately she has her mom's talent :0p
I loving looking to see what symbols she uses for each feast/holy day. Sometimes I don't get it at all...(see July 24th)

"S is for savings!" She opened her first bank account on Saturday. I'm guessing it was on the literature somewhere. (we go through lots of sidewalk chalk in the summer!)


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