Friday, June 14, 2013


While I was driving their dad to work, my children just had the most delightful conversation in the back of the car. Each of them taking turns contributing their own little idea of heaven.

Let me explain. My husband's godmother is nearing her final time on earth. Some of them met her and they have all heard her spoken about in our home. She never married or had children and she is a very devout, Catholic woman. She will be greatly missed.

That, and the fact that they attended their great-aunt's funeral a few months back, was enough to get them talking.

First, they always have to recount their time on "the white couch". I am not sure anymore who exactly came up with this idea but it goes something like this...there is a white couch in heaven and that is where all the babies for our family sit until it's time to come down to earth. Children #s 1 and 2 always comment about seeing the younger ones sitting there before they, themselves, made the trip down. It's quite a beautiful image for me. All my babies bonding together before we even meet. The idea that the siblings are a family before they even make it to earth. The only drawback is, when I ask them if anyone else is on the couch, they don't have an answer. ;0)

Anyway, back to funerals. My kids, in their short lives, have been through a few deaths/funerals. Even if they were too young to remember or not here yet ( #4 was still in my belly when my uncle died) they visit the cemetery with us and they know the whole deal.

So, this morning, there was a discussion. In my earlier life, I was very afraid to die. Now I think I still fear the process but not the actual thing. It's beautiful to hear my little people so freely discussing what happens next. Things like "perhaps I will get to play cello with St. Cecilia" or "I think it will just be the greatest family reunion ever" make me so thankful that their attitude is trusting and open. I pray that they can keep that throughout their life and see death as merely a transition. What a blessing.

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  1. What a beautiful image of heaven... so sweet.