Thursday, June 20, 2013

Kid Switch

Yesterday, DH took
the little girl

and middle boy
to a funeral in Philadelphia.
That left me with
 these two
and of course
Yes, I have other pictures...I just like these ;0)

This is the first time, ever, I've had a 7-, 6-, and 1-year-old together alone over night and through the next day. It has been an interesting experience. For example:

- when I dropped the older two off at VBS and went for a run, jog, period of forward motion (have you seen Biltmore/Sleepy Hollow? Don't end up there while pushing a stroller) no one looked at me. Not once. Just a mom and her baby out for some morning exercise.

- same is true for the grocery store. Two in the "Nest" and one in the cart. "Oh, he is precious..." "what a cutie". I could go back to my constant narrative of things/colors/people to G without having to stop to answer questions from the others in the cart/walking beside me.

- the pool! Taking two people who are not at very high risk for drowning and who can move past the 2 inches of water space? Delightful!

- bedtime. they showed up dressed and clean in pj's. I spent a glorious few minutes nursing and changing G while they read books and relaxed. We actually prayed two decades without too much whining and no one wandered away!

- these two can lift and move baby, get diapers, clean up dishes, etc...

Yes, that all sounds wonderful. The benefit of a baby with the bonus of older kids to help out and no one in between to take up your extra time and energy. Why then, were we nearly in tears at dinner and again at bedtime? We MISSED those two little people. They are, at this point, the most talkative of the group and the house was soooo quiet without them. We missed the three people who make up the rest of our family. It is so clear, when we have a break like this, that our family was intended and chosen for us. Everyone fights and loves and struggles but we all belong together. Especially now, while everyone is little and close. How blessed we are.


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  1. Sweet post :-) (also, sorry to hear about the recent loss of friend or relation)