Friday, January 11, 2013


I am going to be shaking my head for a while...allow me to gush.

As I mentioned, I took #1 to the symphony this evening. I figured it would be pretty cool for her, as an aspiring cellist, to see a piece with a cello soloist (to date, we've only seen the whole symphony play). Other than that, I had no idea what to expect. I was more than pleasantly surprised.

Her cello instructor warned me that the Shostakovich piece was "dark" but she didn't mention the AMAZING performance we would be witnessing. I know partly it's written that way but Mr. Dindo is so gifted. It was incredible to watch.

After the Shostakovich piece, Mr. Dindo was in the lobby signing Cds. We peeked through the "out" line, just to see him up close. The guard told us to go stand in line so that we could meet him. I figured, why not? We didn't buy the CD but he was so gracious and talked to Sil for a while and signed her program. She talked about it the whole way home. I guess some kids are excited to meet one of the Steelers. This is how I know she's my kid ;0)
Then, just because it's been that kind of day, the Dvořák piece is about to begin and Enrico Dindo comes in the side door and SITS IN THE SEAT DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME. I told you I was going to gush. Seriously...the girl was about ready to squeal (thankfully for me, she had her symphony manners on!).
Wow, what a night. Such a blessing to spend such a magical evening with my little girl.