Thursday, January 24, 2013


I have been looking around for some fun activities to do as a family or just me with one or two of the kids. For whatever reason, ice skating seems to be the big family pastime around here. Of course, it would be something that I cannot do to save my life. (I was moderate at best about 15 years ago and haven't skated since).

They have this great Playdate on Ice at the local rec center so I took the two older boys and gave it a go. The pictures are blurry because I took them with one hand while hanging on to the wall for dear life. They had no such problems (although I would have been better with a walker too!). I was very proud of how well they took to a new sport. I'm hoping we can all reach proficiency one of these days. (I can also take the baby - it seems all you do is put them in an upside down bucket and push them around!)

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