Sunday, January 6, 2013

One more week!

This is what I told my #3 child when he teared up thinking that the tree would vanish today, as quickly as it appeared a few weeks ago. Yes, it is Epiphany but, no, tomorrow is not Ordinary Time. So, we have one more week of our beloved tree...and manger...and cookies (Although we pitched a bunch today. Frankly, I can't take much more.)

Here are some of the Epiphany happenings at our home today. We bless our house each year and it's becoming a progressively more involved ritual. I like that a great deal. I look forward to one day following all of my kids as they conduct the entire blessing.
Preparing to process!
(Blondie was supposed to be the star but decided she'd rather be Mary...good choice)
Off they go (with lit frankincense candle!)
Found an AWESOME new chalk wonderfully on sealed wood!
Gifts and prayers before the manger
A little early for Sukkot but, whatever...
Finally, the reading of good deeds from Jesus's stocking.

I know a lot of people have a lot of different "good deed" ideas for Advent and I see worth in every one. I really like this idea, though, because of what we did today. If we had just put straw in a manger, there would have been no "recounting" of the deeds. I really think this way worked best with my kids right now. By reviewing all the great stuff they did during Advent, they now have a whole list of things on their mind to aspire to for the coming weeks and through the Lenten season. We shall see.
Happy Epiphany, everyone!


  1. oh! I like this idea, let me make sure I understand...through advent you write down different deeds done, and on Epiphany you get to present them as gifts to the Christ child, and also share them with the family, too, correct?

    1. That's the way we ended up doing it this year. Jesus needs nothing from us as far as a "gift" but He is pleased when we are helpful and show His love to others (thus, the slips).

      I'm not sure they originally said anything about rereading the slips but I like the reinforcement :0)

  2. soooo....I don't want to seem like I'm "correcting" you or anything, but was that chalkpen actually blessed with the special epiphany chalk blessing??

    1. I stand corrected...actually, it was. It's part of the blessing book. You bless the chalk, the candle and the star. I think I was dealing with "Mary and Jesus" when that was happening. Sorry for the confusion.