Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

It seems that every year we have a baby, the months pass more quickly. This year in particular seems to have flown by. Here's the recap...

I have misplaced (see? I'm trying to be positive and not say "lost"...) anyway, I don't have the key that holds the pictures for the first 3+ months of 2012. Looking at my calendar, it seems like we went to the doctor a lot, went to school a lot, and took a lot of meals to friends having babies.

Until April when everything changed...

The blessings of this little man have been many. What a joy when he entered our lives last April
May-Parades, G's baptism and a visit from Uncle Dave!


We went to Punxy to visit Phil and spent a great deal of time in the backyard...baby #5 has traveled farther, earlier than any previous kids...thankfully he's so laid back about the whole thing.

We also started homeschool in mid-July...hard to believe it's already been 100 days!


August - VBS, tonsils, and flying pigs!

September - The beach and apple picking!

October - 40 Days for Life and Halloween

November - Raking leaves one minute and bundling against the cold snowy morning the next! Above all, giving many thanks for all of our blessings!

December - Advent....waiting...and the Birth of our Savior! The Joy of the Christmas season and New Year's :0)

We were blessed to share this first day of 2013 with two of our favorite ladies!

I wish all of you many graces and blessings in the New Year. We look forward to all the days, good and bad, that this year will offer.

Now I am off to bed. After two solid weeks of Sue cooking nonstop partying...I'm bushed.

Happy New Year everyone!

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