Saturday, October 20, 2012

Why can't we learn from all we've been through...

after two thousand years? - Billy Joel

It would seem he was tired of the political arena as well. That's my comment for the day. After following a long and exhausting string on another group, I'm done with the election right now. More on that another day.

I suppose the lyric does pertain to today as well, if you change "two thousand" to "seven". Sometimes I look at the parents in this household and I think they need a good spanking. Completely elevated expectations - on themselves and the short people. But, I digress.

Guess what? I just finished a 5K. Yes, I did. In my basement. On the treadmill (grrr). Again, too many expectations. Still, after having put it off the entire day, then reading the back of my t-shirt,

how could I not run? It was a virtual 5K and I ran jogged the first 2+ miles and walked the rest. I only finished about 3 minutes slower than my last (and only other) 5k. That was run when I was "training" by the way so, wow, how terrible was I then since I stopped running the next day (and went in today with nothing)? Anyway, it's done and I'm glad. I feel good that, virtually at least, I did something for someone else today.

Backing up a few hours, DH and I took all the kids grocery shopping late this afternoon. It was better than I had expected but, really, more than needed to be added today since this morning was...


This was the "before" picture - the actual ones turned out really well (except that chub doesn't have such a cute smile - he was totally over it after 2 minutes).

The plus of today is that all I have to do is upload the pictures (yes, I bought the whole CD - they are so cute - and it was half off with my groupon!) and our Christmas cards are made. I like to get that done early (although it's never been quite this early).

The drawback, of course, is that you can't push little people (who think for some reason that they are too big to nap) all day and not end up with short tempers on both ends. I know people do it all the time. They have magical children who are better behaved than I. It never works for us.

So, thankfully, only a few tears and everyone is asleep. Except me, of course...I'm still waiting for the sweating to stop and my stew to finish so that I can pack it up. (Yes, we're taking a meal to a new mom after church and the 40 days vigil tomorrow). Like I said, I have learned nothing.

Perhaps that's why I always have Enya playing in my head...

What a day
what a day to take to
what a way
what a way
to make it through
what a day
what a day to make you
a wild child

Have a blessed Sunday everyone and a very happy week! (which, thankfully, is Weird Kratts week!!! - if you're not a 5-yo boy, you have no idea. It's OK)


  1. Sue, that's an impressive run :) I enjoy running accomplishments in my friends. woo!

  2. You are a kind friend, Nicole. I think next time I'll train just a bit more ;0)