Friday, October 5, 2012

Play Date!

Today we had a Catholic Moms Group play date centering on Our Lady of the Rosary, who's feast will be celebrated on Sunday, October 7th.

What a lovely morning we had! Six moms, 16 kids (three were above 5 and the rest were not ;0) ). I love these ladies and their kids. I think my house loves the thought of having so many little ones running around. I'm sure that has been its feels like that kind of place. I am doubly sure that The Blessed Mother loved the sight of all these little ones learning about and saying the Rosary. What a blessed day!

Because I feel like playing isn't enough (although I know, at these little people's ages, it is!) I had to have a takeaway "gift". I tried my best to copy this Rosary Book from Catholic Icing. Actually I made the basic form and let them take it home to personalize. Here are some photos of our family book...It came out better than I had hoped! Great idea to teach the little ones all about this wonderful gift from Our Lady.


  1. I meant to thank you again for providing us with these wonderful and clever little Rosary books- I'm looking forward to working through ours with our family :)

  2. ah - I was a little confused about how to place all the stickers, etc. Thanks again for making them!

    1. Sorry for the lack of's basically however you want. Hopefully this gives you an idea. There are plenty of extra pages for the prayer stickers, artwork, etc.

      Thanks for coming!