Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Happy Feast of the Guardian Angels!

How lucky are we that we have our own personal angel to work for and guide us?

From a little book called The Guardian Angels...Our Heavenly Companions by Tan Books:
"When the light of earth fades away and the brightness of eternity bursts upon you, your Guardian Angel will present your soul before the tribunal of God and faithfully plead your cause. What is more, if you require purification in the flames of Purgatory, your holy Angel will visit and console you. He will bring before God's throne the good works that are performed for you on earth, and he himself will intercede for you. (Thank you, Angel!!) Finally, when your time of purgation is ended, he will joyfully bring you word of your release from the flames of Purgatory and will lead you to the blissful kingdom of Heaven. But to benefit by the presence of this heavenly companion, you must be docile to his inspirations and never turn away from this holy angel who is your guide and your protector."

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