Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Random Thoughts

Living without Sleep...

I am amazed these days that I can live on virtually no sleep (less than 5 hours/night most nights). No, the baby isn't up - he's a cherub that sleeps a very, very long time and patiently waits until we rescue him in the morning. Lately it's been Downton Abbey...even one or two episodes a night keeps me up until past midnight. Thankfully this is the end. I just finished Season 2. I look forward to the next.

Tonight will also be late because I was out drinking caffeinated beverages until 8:30 PM with some friends. I will lose much sleep but it was so nice to sit with some old and new friends and catch up. I don't do nearly enough of that these days.

House tattoos...

Have you seen these vinyl transfers that you can put on your walls? They can say all sorts of things. When I asked DH what he wanted for our pending anniversary, he replied he wanted a doormat similar to G's godparents - his favorite scripture quote.

Something about a scripture quote on a doormat gave me pause so I looked for other alternatives. I found this and finally got around to putting it on the wall. I really like it.

I was sitting in the nursing chair, looking at it the other day thinking "this is what people mean when they say, after one tattoo, it's an addiction - you want more." I definitely feel that way about these things.

The oddest thing is, a day or two later, Sil was going to bed and said, "I really like that on the wall. It's like a house tattoo." Hmmm. Sometimes genes are scary.

Coming home...

As you know, we recently returned from a trip to Philadelphia. The last time I was there (I think) was for a "spa weekend" just before Baby #3 arrived in December, 2008. I was staying downtown and walked around the corner for Mass on Saturday night at a lovely little church, St. John the Evangelist. When I walked in I was greeted by the loveliest man, Brother James, who welcomed me and said a beautiful blessing over my unborn child.

When we returned this trip, we were again staying in the city but farther away. I still insisted that we walk the 10+ blocks to the little church where I felt so welcomed. We walked in with our tribe and who was there to greet us but Brother James! After 3+ years, it felt just like coming home.

Of course he made a fuss, requested that we take up the gifts, and stay after to talk and take pictures. It is nice to have a home parish and we are doubly blessed to have another on the other end of the state. God bless Brother James and all those men who choose to serve the Lord.


I am looking SO forward to going on retreat this Friday. It's only two days but it will be time away to think, pray and rest with Baby G. I can't wait. I may even get up at 5 for the Morning Office ;0)


Our basement has been a wetland lately because of all the heavy storms. Still, there isn't much to me that's better than lying in bed and listening to all the booms. Especially knowing we are all safely home. Off to bed I go. I wish you a good night.

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