Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Our middle child (who celebrates his Feast Day today, btw, St. Clement, pray for us!) has a special deal with Godparents. His Godfather is my cousin Peter, a Catholic priest in Slovakia. Fr. Peter is the eldest of seven kids...we figured he would "get" the Godfather role. When we traveled to Europe a few years ago to visit, he told us about the role of Godparents in Slovakia. It is a very honored that equals parents in many ways, (we watched a wedding where the bride was escorted to the altar by her parents and Godparents) they have a much more prominent position than just an honorary title, as is often the case in the US.

#3's Godmother follows this tradition beautifully (which is somewhat surprising considering she is a mother-of-four living in the Midwest and has no Slovak blood, whatsoever...;0)) Every time we venture out on pilgrimage, their family is our first stop. It never fails to feel like a cherished homecoming.

This year "Miss Colleen" even came to greet us after we landed from 10 hours in the car. She introduced her Godson to St. Louis style pizza and they had a good time catching up. The next day we stopped for a "concrete", another St. Louis tradition, and headed to their home for an afternoon/evening of kids playing, parents talking, and a pre-birthday full of St. Louis stuff (much to the dismay of the older, non-STL-team-loving brother. lol).

God was plentiful in His reward as we stepped out in faith to choose these "plus parents" to help us guide this child. As he prepares for his First Penance and First Communion, I know that they have him squarely in their prayer-sights. How good is our God to give us this extra help? So good, all the time. We are blessed.

Love that Godmother ;0)
He was a huge fan of Imo's!(not my fav)

Quick concrete...they said it tasted like a Frosty. It does. Totally. (yes, we all shared one...we were going to a party...don't think we deprive our kids. Please)

Party time!

New St. Louis wear to grow on ;0)
More St. Louis to come...churches and God-happenings in part two.

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