Tuesday, November 1, 2016

All You Holy Men and Women

Yay, we're finally to the actual feast of All Saints! I admit, even though the kids didn't dress up for Mass (they used to...it was fun, actually), it has to be up there among my favorite holi(y)days. I think that is in no small part because it's an excellent antidote to the previous day's festivities. Yes, we go trick or treating because we have some dear friends from church that enjoy seeing the kids (as do auntie and grammy), but I am pleased that we've come to a good balance with everything.

Some of the last few days of activity...

Saturday - the local Halloween parade. Lots of candy, extra bonus of seeing certain godparents we love...
Post-parade, we head to the church next door for Trunk or Treat. We have gone to this for several years now and we love it. Each trunk is a different Bible story so the kids collect candy and review some of our favorite parts of the faith.
like Noah's Ark...fun.

After TorT, dh took them to a friend's apartment building where they were having an in-house trick or treat for the older folks. What a wonderful concept. It was clear from a lot of the treats handed out that they had been worked on and thought about for some time. Corporal works of mercy...every day...even for Halloween ;0)


We headed to Mass, the 40 Days for Life vigil (still a few more days for you to go!), then home to finish the preparations. We've been having a Saints party for a few years as well and it's been such a blessing, especially when it falls before Halloween, to put our hearts and minds towards heaven...all while having fun and learning good things.

Some excellent Saints this year, as always!
Sorting the Rosary mysteries with St. Dominic and playing memory match with St. Theresa's joyful faces
Saints quiz with St. Ignatius of Loyola and, I'm told, someone forgot a bunch of the books for the Bible sort with St. Jerome. Mea maxima culpa. I was really tired...and if the Latin is incorrect, again, not my language. ;0)

Everyone loved bowling down the fallen angels with St. Michael !
 Of course, every party needs food and, of course, a Saints' party needs Saintly food...
I have found this to be one of the most instructive exercises about the Saints. St. Seraphim was a monk who lived in the wilderness and befriended a bear...St. Peter Chanel, a missionary who was clubbed to death by the locals. The fish aren't labeled because all the fishermen Saints wouldn't fit on the sign!

I couldn't find any Saint (Dorothy does have apples) who would cover the fruit bowl so, close enough. This year we had St. Sylvia instead of St. Isadore the farmer for the veggies.
The kids seemed to enjoy themselves again this year and it is wonderful to watch them interact with one another as they live out and learn their faith. What greater examples do we have in almost any aspect or situation of life (except fruit, apparently!) than the Saints? We can always turn to them for guidance!


After Mass and family Adoration, we somehow managed to fit in some classwork on Halloween (ok, probably as much as the other schools did) and then it was time to head out for the candy grab. I was grateful to dh for toning it down a bit this year. We went to a dear lady's home to visit...
stopped at a few houses on her street then covered our block and headed home. The kids got to hand out candy for a change and play on the porch to enjoy the evening. 

I had the added blessing of filling in for someone at Adoration last night. It seemed about the most perfect way I could usher out All Hallows' Eve and usher in All Saints Day. 

Wishing you a most blessed day, filled with the grace that comes only from above. It feels right to have the Saints' attention as we head into the last week before the elections. Never a bad thing to ask for heavenly intervention.

We are blessed. 

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