Saturday, November 5, 2016


I love my auntie,
I attempt to make stuffed cabbage for her feast day. I think it might actually turn out OK!

I love my firstborn, who also shares this feast day and for whom ground beef is, "uh, no",
these beauties will be roasted and pureed into some yummy soup.

I love my ethnic heritage,

I spent an entire day with flower, butter, cottage cheese, raisins and yeast until these lovely loaves emerged from the oven. They are on sale tomorrow at the Pitt Slovak festival - get there early!

I realize how quickly childhood passes,

I let her skip a class so we could make one more pass through the Holy Door and enjoy the beautiful day.

I am so blessed with things to love - surrounded by my family, my heritage, my loves. Wow. God is so very good.

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