Thursday, August 11, 2016

Happy Feast Day/Week

We are lucky enough this month to not only have a birthday but also two Feast Day celebrations...the latter usually falling in the same week! Klondike bars all around...

First up...

Ahhh, #1 son. Every penance surrounding this child includes more talk of St. Augustine than St. Dominic, if you know what I mean. Still, it feels right. Like God can work minor (or much bigger) miracles in this child, if I can only release him to the work of the Holy Spirit (while gently pointing him in the right direction, of course). It is a balm to me when he prays his rosary without fail. I know, even if it's not helping him, it's helping someone. That is a wonderful thing.

Today is Blondie's feast. This one we got least so far.

Of course, she's not some other-worldly Saint...she's six. Still, she has a sense about her that comes from beyond this place and time. Whether she learns from the older ones or knows herself, she is firmly footed in the things not-of-this-world (when she's not being 6, lol). It is lovely to talk to her about God. It makes me think of our call to be childlike and trusting.

It's been interesting around here yesterday and today. I find myself in the middle of a bout of bronchitis, complete with almost complete laryngitis. Listening to the Story of St. Clare at dinner, how she and her sisters in the convent led an almost completely silent life of prayer and then remembering that the end of my pregnancy with this little one found me again without a voice...

My dear friend texted today, "maybe it's a blessing in disguise." I think she's right. It's frustrating and limiting (many moments to offer up!) but also calming and quiet. It allows my kids to speak to me at length without my interrupting. That can open up all sorts of little and big insights. It's nice to have a reason to have nothing to say (and an opportunity to work on that skill). It also gives me a rare opportunity (because my mouth is not moving) for contemplative prayer...much needed. What a blessing to slow down and be quiet!

So, asking for the graces of their Name Saints, we will continue forward with these two with whom we have been so greatly blessed. It will be interesting to see where the Holy Spirit leads and how they choose to respond. I will be doing my best to be there with my rosary in hand and my mouth (for the most part) closed.

We are blessed.

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