Saturday, August 6, 2016

Camps and lessons (life and otherwise)

We're still in camp mode around here (yay! this next is the last week). It's a wonderful opportunity for the kids to see and do new things but it can make for a long five days. Thankfully the Olympics are underway so we can add geography to our daily fare of phys ed and civics/safety education.

The older two participated in Public Safety camp this past week. It was a great mix of fire/police/ems and covered everything from the SWAT truck to putting out an airplane fire to carrying a Stokes basket up an embankment. The final day was a mock drunk driving arrest, complete with the jaws of life being used to take the side off of a car to free the passenger. So many great things to take away (and a good bit of swag as well!)

Every day after pickup, we headed to the lunch truck then to the pool for the older boys' lessons. The lunch truck...well, it is my very favorite thing. This year they even raffled off gift cards every Friday. So, in addition to free lunch, we walked away with $60 worth of cards to spend. Sweet.

I'm also grateful that this is the last week of lessons. As the week went on, I saw more of this...
the two lumps are #4 and #5 ;0)
If, by some miracle, they did swim the whole time, this was always the scene before dinner...
Perfect in my opinion...resting up from a day well spent. Just what Summer should be.

We also had a big life lesson this week. #1 will be turning 11 next month and our delightful health insurance carrier saw fit to send her a birthday card.
The card was addressed to her but, clearly, the insert is for the parents. Isn't it interesting that they would put that inside a card for her, from her "friends"? Why not send it to us in a different mailing? I am grateful for DH who realized they hadn't sent any of the other kids cards and realized what was up. I'm also grateful that he and I are on the same page on this one. This being our first, and not being in public school, I am forever shocked by the intrusion put on the family from the outside. Wow. Is someone surprised that parental authority is on the decline? Clearly the government (and big pharm) knows what's better for our own children than we do. I promise I'm not in any way a granola homeschooler but having this in the mail makes me understand, at least a bit, their concern.

OK, rant over. I'm off to enjoy the quiet time (daddy day at the pool) and write some lesson plans. This is the last week of excellent one from the looks of it...they're having SPAM as a snack one day (cue Monty Python). Then, like the rest of the world, down to serious school around here (well, mostly, lol).

In all things, I am so grateful that we have a God who loves us and who has written the laws of truth and goodness on our hearts. I will continue to pray that more people get in touch (and myself more closely in touch) with those truths. It would make everything a whole lot simpler, non?

We are blessed.

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