Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekend Update

Considering I've only been going out for doctor's appointments, it's been a whirlwind of activity here the last three days!

Friday - My lovely aunt agreed to serve as my driver and took me to get my hair done AND to lunch at Armstrong's! Double bonus. Triple, actually...if there is one thing I love, it's time with my aunt. We like to sit around and solve the world's problems. That's why I named my firstborn after her...she is just that great. Add to that a Buffalo chicken salad...priceless.

Saturday - We all took advantage of a lovely dinner at the neighboring parish to celebrate World Marriage Sunday (a day early). For $20 we had free childcare (they served the kids pizza and entertained them) while we ate a very nice buffet dinner and played some marriage games. The ones we stayed for (we packed up 30 min early because my foot had begun to hurt - could have been the 40+ steps on crutches) involved working with our table mates to answer marriage trivia questions. Interesting tidbits like "What do they throw at newlyweds in the Czech republic?" (peas), "How long was the longest bridal train?" (1.85 miles) and "how many US Presidents were married in office?" (three). Needless to say we only got one of those three correct! It was a lot of fun and the Mass preceding it was wonderful (my first in three weeks), including a beautiful blessing for married couples during which we restated our vows. It's nice that people make a big deal about Valentine's Day but, really, it's over-the-top commercial these days. This was such a great idea...time with DH among other married couples who share our faith. It was so lovely to hear that there were people two tables down who were celebrating their 50th anniversary this year!

Sunday - The thing I left out about Saturday... it was a long walk through a snowy parking lot and, still not the quickest study on crutches, I fell. So, this morning, I was extremely sore and very thankful that I had no where to go. I slept in, took a long hot shower and spent some time with my girls working on our Valentine's Day Mass gifts (more on that later) while the boys were at Blue Knights. We even had a visit from Blondie's favorite godmother and #1's best friend :0) The night ended with a generous soul braving the snow to bring us yummy, yummy, YUMMY marinated flank steak (soy sauce, ginger, garlic) and broccoli with potato casserole. Man I am going to be bummed when this meal thing ends!

We made it! This is the week when I will put my left foot on the floor and begin to walk again. I am sooo excited (even though I know it's going to hurt at the beginning). I am grateful that we all made it this far and I do look forward to returning to my vocation full-time. I have missed it greatly.

I am so very blessed!


  1. Wonderful! That marriage dinner sounds lovely (though I'm sorry you fell). I've seen events like that advertised around here with the dinner and free childcare, but these mostly have themed discussions afterward. Maybe we'll give one a try.

  2. mmm...Armstrong's! We had them cater our wedding. Great food.

    Good to hear you will be back on your feet soon!