Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday

Is it a beautiful day or what? We've really been blessed with that large yellow orb in the sky lately...I'm not going to jinx it by speaking the name aloud. You know what the groundhog said...maybe he was wrong :0)

1. I see the light at the end of the tunnel...

Thankfully, I will be without this work-of-art come Tuesday. No one can be happier about that than my can see he drew a target so that they know where to saw it off ;0) He also drew some other cool stuff but I'm not saving's contained my naked foot for 4 weeks. Gross. Anyway, thank you for all the prayers and good thoughts. I couldn't have made it without them!

2. Some pre-Lenten reading...

If you live in the Pittsburgh area, go check this out Bishop's Findings on Pastoral Challenges to the Family Lots of good information to ponder.

Need some more info on what's happening in October? Go here.

3. Speaking of Challenges to the Family, and this is specifically mentioned in the Bishop's Findings...

DH and I are a prayer couple for Engaged Encounter weekends (the next one starts today!). That means that we are assigned a couple that is going through the program and we pray that their experience is fruitful and helps to prepare them for their upcoming marriage. I think it's a nice thing; you can never have too many people praying for you.

Still, it's troubling to me when I look up our couple on a wedding website (yes, I'm a stalker) and read their "engagement story" that talks about "our apartment" and "on our bed were a dozen roses". I'm really old and cranky, admittedly, but when did it become fashionable to openly discuss cohabitation...out there for anyone to read? It's especially disturbing to me when it's a couple who is "Catholic enough" to go through Engaged Encounter.

The bishop's findings state that, in our diocese, 80-85% of couples are cohabiting before being married in the Catholic church. I will be very interested to see if this even makes the Synod's radar (along with the whole NFP deal but I'm not going into that now). I hope so. There is a disconnect somewhere that should really be addressed.

4. Speaking of Lent...

I can't right now because I'm not in that place but I am working on what I will be doing (40 Days for Life begins Ash Wednesday - go sign up!). I'm very sure my blog-reading will be severely limited and my blog posting, well, more religion and less fluff. I still have a week+...I can do it.

5. My blessings...

This morning I was able to farm-out 4 of my 5 little people (leaving only myself and one small muffin). What a glorious morning of laundry and house-cleaning we had! Yes, you heard that correctly! The cast isn't even off but I had to. My foot is nasty but my kitchen floor is nearly as bad...the time had come (DH doesn't mop or dust and who can blame him with the other things on his plate these days?). This being-laid-up-for-6-weeks thing is such a huge perspective-changer! How thankful I am for next week when I can return to my vocation full-time :0) I have always known that this was the job I am meant to do but it's nice to be reminded sometimes.

Oh and muffin finally got a haircut (it was that or a barrette!) I think I did a decent job.

Have a glorious weekend! We are blessed!

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