Sunday, December 23, 2012

Birthday boy

I now have three children over the age of 4. Wow. That's an amazing thing to me. I remember being pregnant with this guy and knowing everything. LOL. What great lessons I've learned from all the additional blessings in the past few years. Chiefly that what works for our family doesn't/shouldn't work for everyone (the opposite also being true). Someday I will write that post ...but not today.

Anyway. I'm still trying to get into the birthday-just-before-Christmas thing. It's complicating everything but it's also forcing us to make some clear decisions about what we're trying to emphasize. I think it's working. For now.

Last night, after the birthday boy opened a few presents, they all went off to play. Someone asked why he just stopped opening. That's the funny thing around here. For now, at least, the gift opening is not the central issue. For now, the important thing is spending time with the birthday boy. So, that's what we did.

When I was reflecting last night about the gift phenomenon, I realized that it could be a wonderful learning opportunity. This Christmas, if it's like last, after the first present or two is opened, they will walk away for a bit. Then it will be time to think about/read about/spend time with the Birthday Boy. That's the important thing, right? After all, He is born this day so that He may redeem us at Easter. Yes, all present tense, just like the 4-year-old last night. 

Good Christian men rejoice
With heart and soul and voice!
Give ye heed to what we say
Jesus Christ is born today!
Ox and ass before Him bow
And He is in the manger now
Christ is born today!
Christ is born today!

(see? Now...Today!)

I am thankful that these people are still pretty malleable as far as beliefs go. Perhaps, if we start the important teaching now, even if they don't exactly understand, it will be a base for future learning one day.

We shall see. We teach, we pray, we do our best. That's what works in our house.

Oh, and the cake turned out well too, despite the GIANT cones! ;0)


  1. Good thoughts. I am already feeling overwhelemed by gifts - on Sly's behalf - and Christmas hasn't even started yet! We just got him three relatively small things. But the grandparents, his godparents (who aren't a married couple, so it's like double the gifts), aunts and uncles, and some great-aunt and great-uncles have gotten him a lot of presents. We now have an ENORMOUS pile to put under the tree. And we are going to be pretty rushed on Christmas morning to eat, change, open all the presents before Mass because we're not coming back home afterwards. I really wish we'd have more time to actually enjoy the morning. Maybe we can stretch out the gift-opening over the "twelve days"? hmm...that's actually a great idea...glad I started venting about this here, because otherwise, it may not have occurred to me!

  2. We do a modified 12 days and make sure to save a few for Epiphany.

    The pile of gifts we have every year (think yours times five) has been another learning opportunity. Mostly after the opening is done and they choose which they want to give to other kids who aren't as blessed as they.

    We only really do this with the two oldest but they have already asked this year so I guess it's going working!

  3. the cake looked AWESOME! super job!