Monday, April 30, 2012

My kingdom for a Guinness...

Well, before you go off judging, remember that it's been known to increase milk production. Who wouldn't want that for little G-man? If it happens to help mommy get to sleep without the help of additional sleep aids, all the better, yes?

It's true. I have reached that post-partum stage of crappy hair, night sweats and insomnia. This is the part of hormones I detest the most. Last night my little prince slept from 9 PM until 3 AM but mommy? Less than half that, at best. I know it passes and, in the meantime, I'm getting in a lot of good prayer accomplished. I guess I'll just spend the time listening to dh snore and enjoying his slumber.

Speaking of...we just found out that G's baptism will be on May 13th at the 12:45 Mass. That is not only the feast of Our Lady of Fatima, but also Mother's Day and the 47th birthday of my beloved. I though C's baptism on our anniversary was awesome. This may just beat that.

Of course, I have two weeks to pull together some type of shindig. Thankfully the attendance will be quite low and those attending will be of the low-expectation-type (most of them, anyway). So, I'm thinking picnic on Saturday (perhaps featuring the spinning sun fruit plate),

baptism on Sunday and out to meet his public on Monday.

Yes, I'm channeling Rick Santorum (did you hear Kimmel at the Correspondent's Dinner?) and turning my clock back to the 1950's (or 60's at least). No idea why but it's just been so important to me to keep this little one at home until he is baptized. I guess I still have residual fear that something may go wrong out and about so I would feel better post-water and oil (no he won't be bathed for a week - I ADORE that smell). Anyway, he will receive the sacrament exactly one month post-birth, just like his mommy. Did I mention we're both #5? The bond is strengthened once again.

So, keep us in your prayers for that day and I will continue to pray for you during my late nights of no sleep. Thanks :)

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