Thursday, June 8, 2017

Random stuff

Summer has officially begun with the end of online classes. Yippie! I have to confess, I felt some of that "oh no the kids are out of school!" stress that non-homeschool moms seem to face at this time of year. I realized it's because we don't thrive with no structure. There tends to be more arguing and more "I'm bored" which, really, doesn't work for me.

So, we are still in summer but now we have some things to concentrate on between the do-what-you-want stuff.  The kids who still have unfinished work in their books from last year are completing those. Math never ends...nor does religious instruction. Here are a few other things we've been up to...
Mom's current out the old texts

and putting in the new. I love new books! Full of opportunity :0)

Art. He loves those things. I think it counts for math as well ;0) not that I'm counting...cause it's summer

Slovak. Well, this must continue because the camp is currently going on. Good practice for #1 to work on her "teacher" skills as well. Let's just say she has my patience.

Online oboe lessons. Who knew? I love technology sometimes.

EWTN kids shows are a great way to calm down before dinner
Last night we actually had a family walk followed by parent time on the porch. Sometimes I love that we have old kids now!
The rain that has been around (due mostly to the Arts Festival...I think God really doesn't like that event) promises to be cleared out by this weekend. I'm not sure if that means we'll be ready to brave the pool (brrr.) but at least we'll be heading outside more...hooray! Free lunches start next week as well. Double hooray! (trying to be positive because my helper is on vacation for a month starting, I must run and get a pedicure while there is still time).

Have a wonderful day, wherever you are!

We are blessed.

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