Thursday, June 15, 2017

Happy Father's Day!

Sunday is a big day around here. Mostly sweet, a little sorrow. A good day to give thanks for the fathers in our lives and Our Father in Heaven.

The man who started it all (watch for those glasses later). They were spaced like us and now I totally understand a lot of the things he did. Still, it would be nice to have him around to ask advice sometimes. Since that's not possible, it's nice to have an extra helper in heaven. (I know you all recognize my clueless look ;0))

This was my father-in-law (and that sexy guy in the short shorts is dh! 😍) I also would have liked to bend the Sr. PJ's ear a bit. I have a feeling it would have made a few things more clear. Alas, he passed shortly after this picture and was the first to sing in heaven.

Of course, I'm also quite fond of the father who lives among us.
Fatherhood began here. He cried that night. I am so grateful for a husband who gets the gravity of the blessing.

Proud papa with his first-born son.

Slightly complicated #3. We were all grateful that God pulled everyone through.

New hospital, new girl. The doc refrained from the typical new-parent advice saying, "obviously this isn't your first time at the rodeo." No, indeed.

(glasses!) We were all so blessed by this big guy.
We're moving on in our marriage (next month, big #15) and there are days when I miss this.
It was a moment in time and it's a good memory but time marches on. If we're no longer in the "new father" stage, I am grateful that these little people have this man for the next phase...and the one after. Fatherhood begins at conception but it is a really, really long road (like forever here on Earth).

Let's take a moment to pray for all fathers; living, dead, and even the ones who wear the white collars. How blessed we are to have God's model here on earth.
Happy Father's Day!

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