Sunday, May 28, 2017

Those "whims"

I subscribe to "Learn Our History" which arrives as an email each week and tells a daily installment of "what happened on this day". Not, "national Oreo day" or other goofy things but actual history. I have a very sparse history background so for myself, and the little ones alongside whom I learn, it's a great bit of information every day.

Today I happened to scan the entry and it involved Jumonville Glen, the site of the opening skirmish of the French and Indian War. Looking at it in more depth, I realized it happened just a little over an hour South of us. Sunday drive anyone? This is what I call a whim. Since it wasn't a church-specific whim, I didn't expect a lot of Holy Spirit intercession but, you know, He's God and all...

We went to Mass, I went to the gym, and around 4, we set off. What a glorious day to drive through the mountains! Puffy clouds, green trees, beauty everywhere. DH took these pics and it's no where near the majesty it was in person...maybe you need to visit as well!

This guy was actually near the Fort; having a snack.

We totally missed the little sign for Jumonville Glen and went straight to Fort Necessity, just down the road, and the site of some major fighting in this particular war. We got there 15 minutes after the Interpretive Center closed, bummer, but it was such a beautiful day, we were able to walk around the playground that had so many cool things...

We continued up the path to the actual fort (well, the replica. The French burned the original). I read a little blurb that said "it wasn't much of a fort since it was built with such haste" and it's true...kind of tiny. Still, to think that 263 years ago a young George Washington was walking the same ground. Well, that's my kind of living history.

Not a great day for the British.
This wasn't a specifically "American" battle, even though it happened here but, as dh put it so well, these were still brave men fighting for what they believed was right. I think it was a good prelude to Memorial Day. It's less about cookouts and more about where we are because of the bravery of people willing to give their lives for a cause.

Yes, you've been waiting for the Holy Spirit part, I know ;0)

When we were driving to the Fort, we passed, on the opposite side of the road from the entrance, a sign for St. Joan of Arc church. So, on the way back up the road, we took a look around. The church itself  was closed but the shrine outside was not...the shrine to Our Lady of the Mountains. What a beautiful little place.

The pond in front of Our Lady had a bunch of little tadpoles!

#1 decided this statue is Our Lady of Grace...looks familiar for sure.

Can you spy who is praying to Our Lady? (look to the right)

Is that not the cutest thing?
sweet little mountain church...I hope to get back one day!
The Holy Spirit was with us...the beautiful day, the time with family, the special Sunday spent just exploring God's creation (even in the difficulties we create for ourselves like war). It was an extra smile from above when #1 mentioned that St. Joan of Arc's feast day is in two days and the feast of Our Lady of Grace the day after that. What a nice memory we will have when we celebrate them this week.

Oh, and taking an alternate route home, we saw two of our dear friends taking a walk on this beautiful friend called "Holy Spirit" on that and I concur ;0) Look for Him in your life, especially when you're on a whim, you'll be surprised at how much Our Loving Father walks with us each and every day.

Wishing all of you a blessed Memorial Day. Say extra prayers for all those who fought, especially those who died, and their families. How blessed we are by their sacrifice.

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