Saturday, May 27, 2017

Mary's Month

I love this month. Even with the craziness of finishing school (paperwork!) and the rain and the grouchy kids who want to go to the park but it's raining...there is always the underlying reminder that this entire month is dedicated to Our Blessed Mother. How fantastic is that? There are so many great things to do during the month of May. We were more attentive to our family rosary, even saying it instead of evening prayer when dad was away (sometimes mom likes to mix it up 😇😇) and there just seemed to be more wonderful happenings around here...why not? Our Lady who loves us so very much wants us to be especially joyful as we remember and honor her.

You may recall that #3 had his First Communion at the end of last month. Just as his brother before him, the grace he received from that sacrament seems to have made him all the more eager to serve the Church. So, with two days of training under his belt, he took his place in the sanctuary, on the feast of St. Rita of Cascia. (kind of cool since we visited her shrine a few months ago, ahem). He did wonderfully and I was grateful to Our Lady who I'm sure helped him along. It was moving to watch my son begin his journey of serving her Son.
Big brother helped out on the first day ;0)
Of course, during May, there are May Crownings. We all gather to bring flowers to the beautiful woman who said "yes" and in doing so, assured our salvation. Are there enough flowers or crowns for that?

The first was during our Childrens' Rosary group and I was sick with the flu. How grateful I am that the leader snapped a picture to show me all the cute kids honoring their mother in heaven.
The Blessed Mother statue outside of church lost her crown a few months ago. Our dear friend (who loves Our Lady even more than me!) suggested we make another and place it before the end of the month. My friend is such an amazing woman. I am certain that Mary smiles every time this wonderful woman performs another act of service because it is out of pure love for Our Lady and Our Savior. How grateful I am that we have this woman in our lives.
Picking the flowers during the planning stage
Placed by the mysterious hand

I can't really believe she is tall enough to crown Mary!

One more beautiful song for the Beautiful Lady
May is extra special because all mothers get to share one of the days with Our Mother. What a wonderful day to remember the gift and responsibility we are given as mothers.
Church was kind enough to put out a photo op ;0)

Back to beautiful young women...our two have had some pretty special additions this month.
It's not great that she looks about 20 now ( baby) but it was time. She is happier because she can see and, as a 7th grader, she now looks like the studious young woman she's grown to be. (can I add that I l.o.v.e that the 80's are back?)
I'm sure the Blessed Mother had more than a little bit to do with this happening this month. Three+ years ago her sweet little tooth was left behind after she fell on the sidewalk just below Our Lady outside of church. Finally, finally her big-person tooth is making its way through. Thank you, Mother. It was definitely time!

And just because he is so unbearably cute.
Chatting with daddy in NJ

I told him we were on vacation from school so he set up his own desk. I wonder if this love of learning will continue come July?

Every May is special because we remember, in a most important way, Our Lady who advocates for and protects us. To close, I have to share my new favorite prayer that we've been learning this month.

She is decidedly not a lightweight.

Queen of Heaven, Pray for Us.

We are blessed.

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