Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hello, I'm still here

I've given myself four days to finish two portfolios because, who doesn't love a deadline? It will get done, even if we keep taking these side trips.

There are two Saints who currently seem to be popping up in my life at the most unexpected times. St. Pio of Pietrelcina is one so, when the opportunity presented itself to take our non-driving neighbor and head to the Cathedral for Mass and relic veneration...well, what could I do? Deadlines can wait.

If you've read this blog lately, you know we were at the local Padre Pio shrine a few months ago. It was moving to see the humble beginnings that created this great Saint. It wasn't a surprise when the Bishop, reading a letter from the Vatican before his homily, quoted, "Saints are made from the family." What a beautiful thought.

Mass with the bishop is always lovely and I pretty much guessed, with a full house, people would be racing ahead to get to the relics first. I did have some anxiety (we had a sitter at home with tiny man and a parking ticket looming) but my dear friend, before heading out, dropped off a beautiful rosary for me to touch to the relics in her stead. When I started to get upset, I looked in my hands and realized I had a perfect solution right there. So, for the next 15+ minutes, I silently prayed. I'm sure it was Padre and his "Pray, don't worry." It was nice to have the experience. I love being a Catholic and seeing how many people flock to Saints' relics. It's such a beautiful picture of our ongoing hope that we too might end up as they, if we are open and follow God's will.

I took the front of the train and our sweet neighbor took the back. Not sure where #3 is at this point.

Wish I could hear his thoughts when he's doing this. He was happy to stand in line to get there.

St. Padre Pio, Pray for Us!
I think it was a good bit of grace to get me through the next few days. Tomorrow is a no-dad day and I really, really dislike those. Gratefully, no matter what, Friday is evaluation day. That means...
Yippie! The last day of school followed by DH's bday and Mother's Day. Sweet.
We'll take a week or two off from all things educational (is that possible) and in the interim, I'm looking soooo forward to sitting through 300+ minutes of a lovely gift that just happened to arrive today (ahem). God is so good :0)

We are blessed.

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  1. Glad that you got to the Cathedral yesterday. I was hoping to get there with my brood, but there were too many prior commitments.