Sunday, September 18, 2016

Every now and then I fall apart...

nothing, really, I was just listening to the '80s station while doing the mad-cleaning-dash-while-everyone-else-was-gone and Bonnie Tyler came on. Curiously, it served as a very good anecdote to the I'm-exhausted-please-just-let-me-be-a-childless-single-woman again moment. Whatever gets the shower scrubbed...

I was having that moment because the week had already exhausted me and we were just starting on the packed weekend. Gratefully, DH was there to pick up that slack and I got my schoolwork and housework done.

Some totally random flashbacks from the week, so I can reflect when I get some time. hah.

Exercise and Dental Health
I had mentioned that we went to a cross country meet last week so, keeping my promise, "the twins" and I headed south to the trail to get a little walk/jog thing going.

About .20 miles into our 1.5 mile jaunt, Blondie stops and shouts, "My tooth! My tooth!" Her second front tooth (the first was lost at church over a year ago) has been trying to come out for a while now. Of course it would come out just then. That's how we roll around here. (In fact, #2 just walked in proudly waving his tooth...he's been missing all the money that the others have been raking in).

She is the one, in my opinion, most likely to push out a 10-lb-baby, if God provides that trial one day. She swished her mouth out with water, tucked the tooth in her brother's pocket, and went on with her run. When I suggested she was a bit young to start this whole training routine because she wanted to walk when it was time to jog, she took off for almost two minutes of a sub-7 minute mile. She's feisty, that one.

They pretend they don't like one another at home but, really, they're best buds. 

Fantastic Field Trip

Wednesday, we again fought the traffic into town for one of the best field trips I've been on...probably ever. It was given by the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation and covered the Strip District during the Great Depression...aka, an Immigrant Story. We started at St. Patrick's and walked in and out of shops, noting architecture, history and social facts (including the banana warehouse explosion) then ended up at St. Stanislaus. Fabulous tour. Even little man thought so (when we were feasting on biscotti and pepperoni rolls post-jaunt). 
In the grotto with God rays and sweet Bernadette

Wholey's lightning-fast filleter (is that a word?)
1958 mural in the spice shop (it showed the Ft. Pitt bridge under construction)
Our final stop...I love it. The Stations are in Polish!
In the days before reality TV

What better way to spend a moonlit night in the car waiting for daddy to finish his meeting? The older kids are fascinated with Lost in Space right now. For me, it's one of the most hysterical things I've seen in quite a while. The most shocking thing? It ran between 1965 and 1968 and the year they were purportedly lost in space? 1997! You know you're old Still funny, tho.
They wore the shiny suits for the first 4 episodes

 Then, purple and green boots! groovy.

Heading to College

Friday began our weekly trek to St. Vincent college for Step Up classes. I love, love, love this program (OK, maybe only 2 loves since I wish it were at Duquesne instead). The little boy even paid some attention to Mass instead of dropping all the kneelers and falling asleep. It is a wonderful journey to end our week, reunite with old friends, walk through the Holy Door and ask God's blessing on our studies. Perfect.
Lighting a candle for a dear lady's recovery post-surgery

football practice and a bag of gummy worms...perfect prelude to Mass (maybe that's why he didn't fall asleep!)
  Weird, nature stuff

See the green thing that looks like it was rolled in rice? That, is a tomato hornworm. It seems they crawl around causing ruin among tomato and other nightshade plants. I think it is humorous that we just found this one, since I "harvested" (i.e. tore out ) my entire garden last week. Anyway, the hornworm, after chomping down your tomatoes, eggplants, etc., becomes a
Sphingidae (hawk moth, sphinx moth)...a rather weird looking thing that appears to be what would happen if a humming bird and moth would mate. I've seen them around in years past but not recently.

I guess I won't, either, since the white grains on that guy's back are actually braconid wasp eggs, which will slowly feed on the worm as they grow, eventually resulting in the worm's death. Nature is fascinating and and be merry for tomorrow a wasp will lay fifty eggs on you and you will die a slow, tortured death.

Saturday Virtues

This was the first monthly meeting of Little Flowers/Blue Knights/Little Women Hospitality Club. It was the first time they all met on Saturday. That was fantastic because it meant I could dance around to the 80's and clean my house while my little people were with their dad learning all sorts of good things about Saints, virtues, crafts, and cooking. God bless the husband and wife who take all these wild little people on. I asked Blondie about her half-made pillow, "it's not done...was it frustrating?" "yes" "did you cry?" silence followed by crying "it was so hard...don't talk about it, it makes me cry" lol. I'm laughing because a minute later she was babbling about how many other girls in the class share her name. I told you, the people are saints.

I'm just happy because my first-born came home bearing a container of oatmeal mix and a huge smile. It warms my heart when she gets together with these girls. I love that smile. 
little woman of hospitality
Today was a well-earned day of rest. I am grateful for a bit of crazy during the week so we can center ourselves again on Sunday. Mass was celebrated by our beloved priest, we chatted with friends, and the kids played together all day (yes, I wrote lesson plans but at least the cleaning was done!). We prayed for all those in need, especially those who are ill, recovering, or traveling in another country(!). How blessed we are by this life...trials and joys. God is so good. 

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  1. Sounds like a great field trip... Love seeing what you all are up to :^) Miss you. Xo. (Thanks for the prayers! We just visited St. Brigid's Cathedral and offered some prayers for you)