Saturday, September 24, 2016


Today was day two of Duquesne University's homecoming. It was a special day because I was there, retracing some of my steps, and giving thanks for all of the lessons God has taught me since I walked out of the Palumbo Center as a graduate...twenty-five years ago.

Truthfully, in some ways, it seems like twice that long but mostly it seems like it was the day-before-yesterday. Wow, a quarter century. Wow.

So, I took my family and we had a fun few hours. Tomorrow we will gather with other alumni for Mass and say goodbye for another year. Ah, your undergraduate Alma Mater...there is just something so special about that place.

Some pictures from today's fun...

Giant slide with almost no line...


the centurion and his princess ;0)

Captain America playing a game

These two had laser-like accuracy and won three goldfish...during bedtime prayer #3 was grateful, "that we finally have a pet." Please, God, let them live longer than the hermit crabs!

Until we get to the pet store on Monday, Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael will have to make do in their tight quarters. Life is funny...I doubt when I brought it home from the bar 23 or so years ago, I would have ever guessed it would house the goldfish my kids had won.
 "The Earth was made round so that we would not see too far down the road." - Karen Blixen, Out of Africa
 We are blessed.

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