Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What I'm loving now

Spring is wonderful, isn't it? The sunshine, the warmer temps, the flowers, the thunderstorms and wind (if not, exactly, the pollen or the mud). It's a time of improved mood around here. There is so much to love...

1. Kumquats

I'm sure it was part of the kids of steel program, I'm not sure, but I am totally hooked. These little God-created-sweet-tarts are fantastic...they wake me up in the morning with their tangy goodness.
They are also nutritionally packed with good stuff like vitamin C, fiber, anti-oxidants and essential oils.

2. Sushi

I totally blame Lent for this one. I was looking for something, anything, that wasn't a fish fry for my lunch one day and there it was. Yum. The pickled ginger and wasabi add to the health benefits (omega 3s, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals). Yes, there is a mercury concern so don't eat it every day (moderation, people) I would suggest once a week, on Wednesday, when a large California roll is only $5 at Giant Eagle. :0)
God has the best colors!
3. Little boy

He turns 4 in two weeks so I try not to call him the baby (it's also ridiculous since he's almost the same size as the next older two). Still, he is my last and with that, my favorite (sorry, it's a baby-loving-mom's-prerogative). I love that he's growing up a little bit (I haven't changed a poop diaper in over 6 weeks! Hooray!) but is still a little boy at heart. 
He sat like that for a full 20 minutes (it's a duck that does the chicken dance)

4. My yearly spiritual direction

No, I'm not so holy that I only need it once a year! I just seem to have no luck in finding an actual director so I take advantage when I can. I always count on my yearly ob/gyn exam and this year, the dear doctor did not disappoint. We talked about homeschool and being Catholic and raising kids (he has 6) that have the grounding of faith on which to build a life. Isn't God spectacular? I dreaded the thought of these exams after the babies were done (because I'm depressed that the babies are done) and He has revealed a true servant just when I needed a good diversion. Go God! When I left the appointment, He gave me another sign that we should be joyful...He is Risen, Indeed.

God's majesty...for us...everyday!
5. Easter

Of course, the best part of Spring is Easter! One of the best aspects of Easter is going to the Cathedral and chatting with and receiving blessings from three bishops! I love being in a room full of people who are all celebrating the Resurrection. I told one of the bishops that I appreciate his joy that always shines through in his smile...he replied, "How could we not be filled with joy, knowing what we know?" Amen, Father.

Wishing you the joy of Spring and the lasting joy of Our Creator's love...all-day, every-day

We are blessed.   

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