Thursday, March 24, 2016

Highly Recommended

This morning I headed down to the Cathedral for Chrism Mass. I took #s 1&2 with me. #2 and I were new to it, #1 had been several times before.

perfect seat in view of the altar and the tabernacle :0)

I had an idea of what would transpire and it was pretty much that. Still, without being there, most of the pageantry is missed. After the first "Amen" response, #2 looked at me and said, "wow". Indeed, when there is a cathedral full of devout Catholics, it tends to echo with their response. What a great place to go when one needs a shot of religious fervor.

It was also wonderful to see so many priests from the diocese. Watching them process in was like a little snapshot of our Catholic life. This one used to be our parochial vicar. That one baptized your sister. The other one we knew from early church visits with Catholic moms.

Watching them all on the altar during the Consecration was a beautiful reminder of these men who have chosen this path in their life...a vocation of us. What a great vision of God's goodness to His people - the priesthood.

Happy Thursday everyone. Time to make the pretzels :0)

We are blessed.

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