Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Simple blessings

Today was a quiet day but while reflecting over it this evening, I realized it was full of simple, everyday blessings. I am grateful that we are in our mid-winter slow-motion or I may have missed it!


Every Tuesday morning the older two serve daily Mass. Most weeks DH takes them since he's already up working and I get to sleep in with the little people. Today I decided to go. There is something lovely about a cold, snowy morning. You know God was having a moment of great inspiration when He thought about freezing water into unique, individual crystals. It was also good, as always, to see the dedicated parishioners who attend in all types of weather.

Saying Goodbye

Today, after sitting idle for almost six months, I returned our dear friend to the shop. 
Yes, after more than 5 years, the soothing tones are silent. It's been a rather emotional journey for a few months around here. I should say my emotional journey. Today I felt settled, though, when #1 asked for "one final goodbye" and petted it on the side like an old dog she had seen grow from puppyhood. She has no sadness...to her, it is the right decision. I am learning to trust those decisions because she makes them very infrequently with this type of certainty. My feeling of calm came from the realization that, even if I don't, she understands the transient nature of "things" in this world. Her mature decision is helping me to understand that the way I see things isn't always the way things are. Pretty wise for a fifth-grader ;0)


There were a lot of squeals this morning when there was a dusting of the white stuff on the ground. After a few hours, when the blizzard began, there were all-out whoops (and how nice was God to wait until all the school work was done?). The cancellation of our trip North for Catechesis made it a no-brainer...outside we went to enjoy an hour of winter fun. Watching my kids in the snow is one of my favorite things. It makes them happy; it makes me remember days in the snow with my sibs; everyone sleeps well. Wins all around.

Favors returned

I found out a little while ago that this lovely day was likely the result of my dear friend offering her trials from far away. These are not any old mom trials...she has a three-year-old who recently broke her femur (yes, the thigh bone). I'm not including a picture because, even though she's smiling, it makes me hurt looking at the giant cast on her tiny body. 

When we found out about the accident, I knew immediately what I had to do. We were blessed to receive one for Christmas and it is, by far, the best gift we've had in a very long time...probably ever.
Biblezon tablet for kids
It's a Catholic tablet for kids that teaches/quizzes/shows them all sorts of lovely things about the faith (and it streams EWTN!). It's self-contained (can't browse the Internet) and runs from Wifi (no data plan!). Spectacular. 

Anyway, theirs came about three days early (because the Holy Spirit can put a rush on it when necessary) and it seems to be helping when things get a little difficult. I'm so grateful for that inspiration. It's good to know that we're helping in some small way, even when the distance is so great.

Please keep Opal in your prayers. I'm certain there will be some long days during the next many weeks but they are a God-centered family...perfect to help weather the storms that come (like a baby in a full cast...oh my, can you all say a rosary a day for them? that would be a good start!)


I'm actually most blessed by my friends. They take time out of their hectic lives to offer a trial for me or inquire about my day. Knowing that I'm doing the same on my end makes it a simple blessing that is so very important. Faith, knowledge, family, good friends. Wow, I am so blessed.

Stay warm, everyone...it's definitely a three-dog night (or in middle-child's case, a minion, Benjamin, Icy, cow, power babo night!)



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