Sunday, January 31, 2016

Back to the routine

We were blessed to have a three-day weekend around here. DH took off Friday to escort #1 to her Geographic Bee in the morning and stayed with us for the first day of Step Up in the afternoon. As always when we have a full-day of family time, it was memorable.

I don't have any pictures of the Geo Bee (moms and dads are different, you know?) but I will report that she came in 3rd place. It was disappointing after runner-up in her first outing last year but the first and second places were both eighth graders. Three extra years to study maps ;0)

Step up was, as always, a wonderful experience. I love seeing them all rush to their classes, see old friends and former teachers, and look really eager to learn. The best was #2 walking out of his last class saying, "mom, I know now what I'm supposed to do...I'm supposed to be a writer!" This is the child who moans whenever I ask him to write a few paragraphs. Oh well, at least he is motivated!

The added bonus was walking through the Holy Door at the Basilica (I think we actually walked through the door next to the holy door...does that count?) and going to Mass with DH and little boy. Ahh, I so missed my weekly outing with tiny. Guaranteed Mass helps the drive home go more smoothly.

Being the first day back, DH treated us all to dinner after classes. We saw a fantastic sunset (blazing red through the snow...looked like a pillar of fire) then headed to Kings. We sat in front of the fire (yay!) and were all reasonably behaved considering it had been a really long day already. The server was so sweet and when I realized my veggie burger was still pretty frozen on the inside, the manager took 20% off the entire bill (wow, that's not small for 7 people...I would have been happy to just have it microwaved!). I like it out in the country...if you're gracious, people go out of their way to help.

At, or close to, the Holy Door (Vatican flag wasn't cooperating)

So beautiful...even the water tower!
Saturday was pretty splendid as well, even though I had a little boy wandering in and out of my room all early morning.

First was Family Confession at a neighboring parish. A home school family we know fairly well runs it and we usually go to support their's not every day you have such a thing! Today it was clear that we were all there to, as another friend said, share the sacrament with friends. It's a blessing to see people we know and love, play a bit, then go to receive forgiveness for our sins! The little ones know why we're there and they are awaiting the time when they are able to leave the play room and walk into the church with all the big people. It's really beautiful. We are so grateful to have that opportunity.

After seeing our friends and scrubbing our souls it was time for some new do's for the males of the household. DH has been going to this barber for 18 years (Barber Joe predates me!) and it's so much fun to go, line the boys up, and shave it all off (we're not the long-hair boy type...except for those under three...are you shocked?) They added another chair since we last visited so it was even cuter to watch.
Aren't the so cute???

G hopped up in the chair and said, "Hey Barber Joe, I want a buzz cut!"

Barber Joe takes a man at his word!


The girls sat quietly to earn their lollies ;0)

After such a nice morning, and because it was a beautiful day, I finally(!) got to go outside and do some forward motion. I did pick one of the hilly routes but, wow, I am totally out of shape. It's always a slap to go out for the first day and realize that. Still, I'm going out and that's what matters. It will come in time. The weather was beautiful and all the ice dangers have passed, for now. I hope I can get another outdoor jog in this week before winter returns.

Evangelize while you run!
My new favorite snack...cute too!
Sunday, as always, are a day of family rest. Today we threw in 4 Open Houses! (two preschool, one house for sale and one gym). I was good and lifted weights while the others ate popcorn and cupcakes; the house is just up the street from dear friends but would never work for a variety of reasons; and the schools, well, that remains to be seen.)

Speaking of school, today begins Catholic Schools Week. As I mentioned, we consider ourselves a Catholic school and, as such, we're undertaking a study of "7" this week...stay tuned.

We are blessed.

Saint John Bosco, Pray for Us!

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  1. Always enjoy hearing about what your crew has been up to... Miss you!