Sunday, January 24, 2016


We were looking at some photos from the "Blizzard of 2010" and found some oldies but goodies. Sometimes it's nice to show kids where you/they came from. Heritage is so important.

The original "fifth of five" ;0)

#s 3, 4 & 5
5 with 4

In our "younger" days ;0)

Then, of course, I listened to #5 complain that he's not in any of the pictures. Yes, my friend, I feel your pain. Luckily he was "on the white couch" and believes that Heaven is preferable even to having baby pictures on Earth. Indeed.

We are blessed.

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  1. What a cute little Sue!

    Enjoy your snow! My parents' house got 33-35 inches and my mom is so glad to have dodged the storm, though my dad is in heaven 😊