Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The little blessings of today

I often wonder (assuming I am around) what I will think when my kids are grown up. I wonder what kind of adults they will become. I hope some little bit of our family life and attitude is carried along to their generation. The simple things we make big deals of because, well, they are big deals. I hope they learn the lessons we are trying to teach.

1. Homemade pizza, while not as delightful to look at, is ultimately more fun and less expensive than the store/pizza shop variety. We don't do this often and I'm not sure why. The time spent with kids and dad is a wonderful moment. Mom is usually the chef with her sous chefs. This one item is all about dad. How blessed they are to share that time.

2. No matter how small you are, you are never too small to enjoy a nice picnic in the living room. I am waiting patiently for a) tiny man to be ready for all of that glorious picnic fare and b) picnic season to arrive. I think they will both happen at almost the same time.

3. For the price of a few glow sticks at the Dollar Store, you can have a whole evening of family fun. I'm not sure what it is but the sticks are magic. Dancing, singing, one even asked to watch TV. Fantastic!

4. I do hope I can teach my girls how very important it is to marry a man who is not only a good provider but also a partner. I have never been that wife who likes her husband to stay out of things and I am so blessed that he is there, every evening, to help shape these little ones. We started this journey together alone and it has been an amazing ride. God willing, we will both be there in many years to discuss how this all turned out.
Every day in our house we have so many things to be thankful for. I am amused by #3 who, almost without fail, is "thankful for lunch and dinner" during bedtime prayer. The others, however, come up with some wonderful blessings to name. For my part, I am most thankful for each day. The blessings and the crosses and the joys and the trials. What an amazing life we have been given to share.


  1. Your pizza is delightful to look at...anchovies, yum! Your family looks delightful as well; continued blessings to all.

    1. Ah ha...another anchovy lover! You are welcome here any time ;0)