Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Random Stuff...

1. Friends

Do you have friends, or aquaintences, that you just can't "click" with no matter how hard you try? I usually find this so frustrating that I give up pretty quickly. Lately, though, I find myself intrigued by the whole process. Is the akward stage the deepening of a relationship toward true friend? Can you be a true friend with someone about whom you are unsure what is true and what is appearance? I don't know. I guess I'll see how this all plays out.

2. Babies

Are the greatest things, ever. Yes, we're back to the "do we/don't we" time of life. I can't say I've ever felt more comfortable leaving the whole thing up to God. If He wants it, He knows how to make it happen ;0) If He doesn't, I think I'm ok. I'm doing all I can to not put a judgement on the whole thing (I've been known to become obsessive in the past). I'm trying reallllyyyy hard to just go with it and enjoy what I've got. More blessings than I could ever, ever imagine (or deserve).

3. Avacados

The second greatest things ever! Mr. G and I share a scrambled egg with avacado almost every morning (the others refer to this as "Green Eggs without Ham". Cute. I recently read about some healthy person trying to save everyone from the nasty/evil calorie-laden Valentine's Day treat - GASP - chocolate pudding. Her recipe for "chocolate pudding" calls for honey, cocoa powder, and avacado. I love my avacado but, truly, they are no chocolate pudding.

4. Lent

Did you know we are one week away from Ash Wednesday? I have decided to give up alcohol for the 40 days (along with doing three liquid-only day-long fasts for 40 days for Life). Yikes! I am having flashbacks of driving across the county line back to Barbourville KY with my trunk bursting with booze. Wow. Knowing you can't have (or will soon lose) alcohol can make one into a temporary alcoholic. Our last hurrah...."Valentines" date night Friday at Mitchell's. Basil and Grapefruit with a side of oysters, please.

***Disclaimer*** Spellcheck is not working so ignore all the typos you may find. Thank you.

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  1. Ever since my best friend moved away over 5 years ago, I've been sort of on a quest for another really good friend who lives in town (she's still my best friend, for the record - not counting Tom - but I need another good one who is close), and I haven't had any luck. I've gained a number of new acquaintances, but, as you say, I just don't feel like I fully "click" with any of them. My biggest complaint has been that almost all the women I've befriended have been much too private and unwilling to be fully "real" with me. Would this have changed if I had given them more time? I don't know.

    Still working out exactly what I'm going to give up for Lent. One thing NEEDS to involve my internet usage, and I have to draft up some specific "rules" about it.