Thursday, February 21, 2013

Our old, broken, cluttered home

and why I love it!

My middle child, upon returning home from our most recent family trip (aka, staying in a hotel with big bed, cable, and free breakfast!), remarked that he would rather live in a hotel than in our home because it is "old and broken".

My husband is very forgiving about most things but the clutter gets to him. Often.

Me, I love it. I love that we live in a 100+ year old house. It is our home. It has character. It has "good bones". It also has constant reminders of who we individuals and as a family. I like that. I enjoy looking around and finding these reminders when I move through my daily life. It's like the angels plant them there just for me. I know, though, that they are also reminders for the little people who live here. It makes me smile when I think how they are growing up. Surrounded by these reminders. Steeped in this faith.

Our "Lenten Good Deeds" jar...among the homeschooling dice, Christmas stickers and calendars
Our Epiphany blessings...I love that they are there when you look up all through the house

 Among goodies on the "collection tray" are 4 prayer stones. These just appeared there one day and the kids go to them at different moments and use them for different purposes. Always, it seems, they keep them here so that they can find them at exactly the right time.

Would I like to have a clutter-free home? Yes, of course. Do I get depressed when I look around and see that there is so much "stuff" here? Sometimes. Most days, though, I just see it as our current state. I know, as the little people turn into medium and big people, the "stuff" will change and, for the most part, migrate to bedrooms, cars, and other private places. For now, I like it all out in the open. I like the transparency that is childhood. I like, for now, having a house that is like one of those boxes in which you keep your most prized treasures.

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  1. A hundred plus year old house!!?! Lucky you! I love old houses. Such character and history and warmth. And your comparison of the house to "one of those boxes in which you keep your most prized treasures" is wonderful: I can't recall ever hearing such a great description of a house.

    And yes, the clutter will change over time. Sigh...