Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Things I'm grateful for...

it's Thanksgiving week so you know the drill!

1. I am, again, thankful for the ability to host a Thanksgiving free from people with high expectations. Yep, I cook like my mom and that's just fine by us ;0)

2. My kids. This morning as we prepared breakfast:

C: "would like a nana"
N:"no, that's BAnana...say it with me. 'ba'"
C: "ba"
N: "nan"
C: "nan"
N: "ah"
C: "ah"
N: "yes, 'banana'"
C: "ba-orange"
N: "Gaaah"

Welcome to my world, little man.

3. My husband who, at the moment, is bathing two kids, entertaining two more, and guessing Christmas carols as they are played on the cello upstairs. He is my hero!

4. Homeschooling. I didn't think that would be the case at this point but, wow, what a blessing. Today's schedule was making "sedimentary rock" at home:
First, the stones and pebbles (graham crackers and raisins)

Then, the silt and sand (powdered sugar and cocoa powder)

A butter and water river runs through it...

Mix it up, mash it down, chill and you have very, very sweet rock
(which Blondie refused to eat - "no eat rocks...yucky")

Then we headed to the Science Center to learn about eating the rainbow and freezing stuff with liquid nitrogen.
DD (in green) eating a frozen marshmallow.

Being with these five little people (almost) all day, (almost) every day is an amazing adventure. I love my job :0)

5. Plungerhead old vine zinfandel. Truly the greatest find to date.

6. The Thanksgiving parade...even though Mass cuts out half most years. It is one of the great traditions of the day.

7. My mother's helper. She's gone for two weeks and while I'm enjoying the extra time with the kids and glad that she's enjoying time with her makes for a long day!

There are many other things but I'll stop there. I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving. Please take some time tomorrow (and every day) to remember how truly blessed you are.

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