Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas, continued...

What a blessing it was to have Pat home on Monday! We made the most of it by attending Family Hour of Adoration at the Pittsburgh Oratory and then heading to see the Creche. It's always so nice to see (and so cold! Brrr!). Thankfully parking was free!

Since it was still pre-lunch, we headed out to do the grocery shopping as well. I love our little local grocery store. No huge crowds but they still stock almost everything we need. During these days of supermarket insanity, it's nice to have something right down the road. The kids were fairly well-behaved and no one asked if we were running a daycare. ;)

Today was a day to relax and play with toys. I have forgotten how much work it is to have all four kids home all day! I have a feeling May is going to be an interesting experiment in patience for everyone.

We're almost done opening presents. Not that they got all that many but our kids like to open one and "play it out" before moving on. It helps them appreciate the Christmas season, I think. Gifts to open for three or four days instead of just one! (ok, sounds a bit like Hanukkah now that you mention it).

One week until Christmas break is over - Can't wait to see what fun and exciting mischief we can stir up in that time!

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