Monday, December 26, 2011

Bread baking

I think the last time I baked homemade bread, Sil was just over a year old. She was my sleeper and I could do all sorts of things in the hours she spent napping during the day. Alas, I haven't been so blessed with the next three little people.

Going to Christmas Mass at 7 AM has its benefits (in addition to always being assured a seat). I have missed this breadmaking. The feel of the dough, the excitiement of the kids as it "gets fat". Fun, fun, fun.

Crusty country loaf, ready for the first rise...

Punch it down!
Commencing second rise.

Ready to bake :)
The smell is incredible. Add some mini rigatoni baked with ricotta, Romano and four cheese rosa sauce and I believe we have a new Rocco Chrismas dinner tradition. Yum!

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