Thursday, January 26, 2017

Texas...and points east

We had such an enjoyable time in Galveston (reflecting on it, that's why we didn't see the cathedral...sometimes you have to see God outside the church...definitely the case when the beach is calling!) We woke up early, had a few more hours in the waves, then headed to the eastern end of the island, about 10 minutes away. Here we would "catch a ride" across the water to the Bolivar Peninsula to the east. Yes, a FERRY RIDE! Even cooler? It's free...part of the highway system, just like the bridges and tunnels in the north!

drive on and park behind the car in front of you

hop out and take in the sights

The dolphins swam out front!

GPS...knows it's water and knows it's a highway. Confusing.

Pelicans welcome us to shore
I have to say, on the trip of amazing experiences (meaning totally unlike home) this was one of the coolest. Just another one of those benefits of traveling the many different things to see and do!

Before we move on from the Lone Star State, I realize I have neglected to comment on the food. That was a huge oversight since there are two major things on which to comment. Seafood and spice. Two good words. Yum. We had a wonderful feast one night in Galveston and the kids were definitely up for trying the local fare.
He chose a po boy, shrimp I think...and ate the entire thing!

My jambalaya girl

Little man helped daddy with his catfish
When we stayed in Dallas, I asked DH to go back out after the kids headed to bed and find an adult beverage and snack for us. He took a short drive down the street and returned bearing wonderful gifts. First, they sell those HUGE beers (like at the baseball games) but, instead of $10.50, they are $2.50! (bear with me...we can't buy alcohol in convenience stores where we live) One can was perfect to settle me in for a good sleep after days of driving. It was also good to have extra liquid on hand to wash down these bad boys.
I think the name is actually in Spanish. Should have been a clue. We've been known (me, especially) to partake in foodstuffs that tend toward the very, very spicy (in my pregnancy heydays I was known to get a #10 level at the Indian restaurant nearby). These, though, were a different animal all together. I remember, after eating about three, turning to DH and saying, "I think I'm damaging the lining of my esophagus." True, indeed. Wicked hot and addictively good. Turned out to be a wise purchase, though, since we could only eat a handful at a time...they were a snack that lasted until Alabama! I just found them on Prime Pantry and I will order them again but I feel like I need to hold off a few months to fully regrow the lining of my throat and stomach. lol.

Ok, back to the travels. We departed the ferry, drove through "goat island" where we saw many a mobile home on stilts and not much else but sand and water.
Not the actual place...I got this from the Internet. Quite similar, though.
DH was intrigued by this and could imagine such a place as his vacation home. Even looking at the picture makes me a bit queasy. I can't imagine living through a hurricane in that.  Driving on, it wasn't long before we crossed into Louisiana. I was sad to see Texas behind us but excited for what we would experience in this new state!

We were heading to Baton Rouge for the night but made a stop halfway in Lake Charles. What a beautiful little waterfront town. It was clear that we were in Louisiana from the abundance of Mardi Gras attractions but, being on pilgrimage, we headed to church.

Down a side street from the main drag, across from the municipal building, we found the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Grateful that we were still within the Extraordinary Year of Mercy, we decided to stop to see the Holy Door. Who knew we would get an educational experience as well!
There is a palm tree out front...definitely not home!

So grateful to God for the Holy Doors on this trip. The extra grace was needed!

This parish chose to use the Year of Mercy to teach people about all the amazing opportunities for Mercy within the Church. Brilliant!

I missed station #1...the main altar

Annunciation window. Beautiful.

The cathedra. I love looking at each different coat of arms

Beautiful cathedral, wonderful stop to remember all of the amazing gifts we are given as Children of God. We are blessed!

Next, "our" cemetery, yummy treats, and finally Confession!

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